Here's a summary of all the reviews Iv'e made so far on the blog. I will try to make more of them when I get new stuff and if you have any suggestions on something you want me review just post in the comments below.

Various reviews:

Warzone: 2nd Edition Starter box
Deadzone Kickstarter

Army Books

Empire Armybook

White Dwarf Magazines and Warhammer:Visions (main release/feature this month/week)

White Dwarf Weekly #4 (Imperial Knights)
White Dwarf Weekly #3 (Dwarf Wave 3, Ironbreakers/Irondrakes)
White Dwarf Weekly #2 (Dwarf Wave 2, Army Book, Gyrocopter/Bomber, Runelord, Grim Burloksson)
Warhammer: Visions #1 (Tyranids)
White Dwarf Weekly #1 (Dwarf Wave 1, Hammerers, Longbeards, Belegar, Dragonslayer)
White Dwarf January 2014 (Tyranids Codex and new models)
White Dwarf December 2013 (Wh40 Escalation and Stronghold Assault, Sigmar's Blood)
White Dwarf November 2013 (Dark Elves second wave, Triumph and Treachery)
White Dwarf October 2013 (Dark Elves AB and models)
White Dwarf September 2013 (Space Marines Codex and models)
White Dwarf August 2013 (Lizardmen AB and models)
White Dwarf July 2013 (Wh40k Apocalypse)
White Dwarf June 2013 (Eldar Codex and models)
White Dwarf May 2013 (High Elves AB and models)
White Dwarf April 2013 (Tau Codex and models, 400th issue)
White Dwarf Mars 2013 (Daemons of Chaos AB, Codex: Chaos Daemons and models)
White Dwarf February 2013 (Warriors of Chaos AB and models)
White Dwarf January 2013 (Dark Angels Codex and models)
White Dwarf December 2012 (The Hobbit Rulebook and Starterbox)
White Dwarf November 2012 (Warrrios of Chaos Wave)
White Dwarf October 2012 (Chaos Space Marines Codex and models)
White Dwarf 393 (Dark Vengeance Starter box)
White Dwarf 392 (Daemons Wave)
White Dwarf 391 (Wh 40k 6th Ed)
White Dwarf  390 (40k flyers wave)
White Dwarf 389 (Necrons second wave)
White Dwarf 388 (The Empire AB and models)
White Dwarf 387 (Space Wolves Wave & Tyranids Wave, Chaos Hellcannon in Finecast)
White Dwarf 386 (LOTR wave, Deathknell Watch)
White Dwarf 385 (Vampire Counts AB and models)
White Dwarf 384 (Beastmen second wave, Mangler Squigs)
White Dwarf 383 (Necrons Codex and models, Skullvane Manse)
White Dwarf 382 (Dreadfleet)
White Dwarf 381 (Ogre Kingdoms AB and models)
White Dwarf 380 (Vampire Counts Wave)

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