Monday, 24 October 2016

News: The new releases shown in Nov White Dwarf

Got my White Dwarf today but haven't read through it enough to give you an review just yet. But there was a couple of surprises for me in the new releases section that I thought was interesting.

Haemotrope Reactors for 40k, really nice looking. And for AoS an re release of the Balewind Vortex (so no more OP vortex for those who moan about that) and the Magewrath Throne but without the skulls underneath?! Hopefully they release the skull mountain as a separate kit. 

New Hero bases for both 40k and AoS!

Of course the main release of the month The Burning of Prospero

In the right lower corner there is a new thingy I haven't seen before, an repair kit for when your models brake during gaming!
What do you guys think about the new releases?

Monday, 17 October 2016

Miniature Monday: Retributors finished!

Painted two more Retributors, one with the Starsoul Mace and one regular guy. So now it's a full unit. Want five more though and three more Starsoul Maces but that will have to wait a little, next up is the Lord-Celestant on foot and five Protectors.

That's it for now.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Miniature Monday: Knight-Vexillor finished!

Continueng too finish more characters for my Stormcast army, this time it's the OP choice that many Stormcast players uses too throw in their best units into the enemy, the Knight-Vexillor with his mandatory pennant of the stormbringer.

Not much too say really, he is like most stormcast models too paint. But I'm happy with the result and that brings my army up too seven painted characters! Have some more characters as well as many troops as well. So will continue to paint up this army and it's still a lot of fun. Please tell me what you think!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Last hours of Siege of the Citadel 2nd Edition Kickstarter!

Haven't written as much about this Kickstarter as I would have wanted. Now it's in it's final 8 hours as I'm writing this and just passed $500k.

I have pledged for the Dark Legion pledge, where you as I'm writing this get $564 worth of contents with 118 miniatures! For just $149, and it's really a great value if you ask me.

You get the second edition of a great game from the past, with awesome new miniatures and tiles. Along with new more indepth rules made by the first creator of the first edition of the game Richard Borg and many other big names in the industry. You also get two big expansions for the game with Luna City and Brotherhood expansions and a lot of smaller expansions like all of the apostles for example.

Can't tell how excited I am for this game and this kickstarter which have an awesome value already and probably even more before it has ended. So I highly recommend you to check it out as there's is still time to participate. Also Fantasy Flight Games is going to publish this game so it feels like a game that will continue to grow even after the kickstarter.

This is how the Dark Legion pledge looks at the moment.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Miniature Monday: Knight-Heraldor

Currently painting some characters for my Stormcast Eternals, showed you the Lord-Castellant two weeks ago and now I have finished my Knight-Heraldor as well. And it was an quite easy model to paint as well, especially compared to some of the models I have been painting lately like the Hurricanum and the Star Drake I'm painting right now.

So nice and easy, but I really like this model, and will eventually get the other Heraldor model as well.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Review: White Dwarf October 2016

Got my White Dwarf today (yay) and it is continuing in the new monthly format of course, and there's much to enjoy in here for sure. So on with the review shall we?

First up, there's still a lot of stuff for both systems, but as the new releases where mostly 40k with the Genestealer Cults as the big release this wasn't a big surprise. Even though I'm not that into 40k at them moment there are some really nice articles in there like the 'Ultimate guide to Genestealer Cults' that gives you all the basic info about them. We have a nice battle report featuring said Cults of course spotted against Deathwatch, and you are also given an WD exclusive mission.

Oh and you get free stuff with issue too, this time you get the Issue 0 of Will of Iron with Dark Angels! Awesome stuff, haven't read trough it yet but I really like how it looks. And I hope GW is continuing with these Freebies (a download for Total War: Warhammer is in the next one from what Iv'e seen) because it's really great and adds value to the magazine.

A lot of stuff for the new big release of course.

Kit bash is an official thing again!

Teasing us the new Warhammer World only model :( Want it!

New Hobbit stuff, and new texture paints as well. Great I use them quite a lot and here's more of it.

OMG cards for all the heroes released so far in Silver Tower! And new heroes, love this!

Article about the new comic with interview with the author among other things, really nice for us comic book fans.

Hall of Fame: Smaug, with interviews with the designers of the model and painter. Love this model and the studio paint job by Aidan Daly is truly amazing.

Space Wolves is this army of the month, a lot of great stuff in this huge army.

A big interview with Jes Goodwin, one of the earliest members of the Citadel Miniatures Design team and who have made many iconic models over the years. Great read.

Really cool armies on parade, both for AoS and 40k.

The Ultimate Guide to Genestealer Cults spans over several pages and is really cool to read.

Fold out of the two armies in this months Battle report.

Many nice AoS illustrations.

Golden Daemon award winners, here's the Slayer Sword wining model Gutrot Spume, amazing!

Tale of four Warlords continues showing each warlords progress, and with some little painting tips on how they painted their models.

Masterclass is back! Here we learn how to paint faces, truly in depth especially compared to Paint Splatter.
Parade Ground with Les Martin's truly nice looking Stormcast army.

That's it, of course there's plenty of other stuff to read and look trough in here like Blanchitsu. I have just read it through fast so far and I will go and read it again now. I think just like the last issue this format is something you can flip trough, read an article. Then come back again, check out a paint tutorial, then come again etc etc. I feel it has a great mix of things, and even if this was mostly 40k there's plenty of AoS as well and many great articles to read. Just as the last issue I highly recommend this one.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Miniature Monday: Ghoul King

Something unusual for this Miniature Monday. This is the first Ghoul King for my brothers Flesh-Eater Courts army.

I did a light skin on him as my brother wanted and made a little bit more interesting base for him as the model is leaping forwards and I think he has to leap from something, as this particular model is on foot an not on a Zombie Dragon or Terrorgeist.

In the end I really dig the result, not much details to paint so the focus is on the skin and I had to shade it down some further and highlight it back up to get some nice transitions, and trying to keep the depth of the shade in the meantime as well.

Looking forward making some games against this army and think it will look awesome when it's finished.

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